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Are you in search for a reputable travel writer and want to engage new audiences? Looking for a trusted resource and would rather work with someone who has a genuine following? Then look no further! No funny business here!

It is my passion to help and inspire my readers, giving travel advice on a regular person’s budget. I not only cover travel destinations, but also focus on adventure travel, independent travel and ecotourism. I also do occasional reviews on travel and hiking gear.

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My work has been featured on well-known travel sites like Television of NomadsA Brit and a SouthernerFeet Do Travel, Trippin' Turpins and Tracy’s Travels In Time. I am an ambassador for Travello travellers network and have worked with brands like StudentFlights and WebJet.

Here is some statistics

Adventuroustrails receives over 15,000+ page views per month, has a combination of 10K+ followers on social media including 1650+ real followers on Facebook, 4600+ on Instagram, 1450+ on Twitter, 1800+ followers and 66,800+ monthly views on Pinterest with 1300+ monthly active users.

With 67,668 likes and 6,987 comments on Instagram, it is my most popular social media channel right before Facebook with an average engagement rate of 41%.

81.2% of my readers are female and 60% of the age group falls into the age of 25-34. 16% of the sessions are people aged 18-24 and 11% aged 35-44 years old. 44% of the market is located in Australia, 17% in the US of A and 8% in Estonia.

How We Can Work Together

I’m happy to contribute to collaborative posts or content marketing pieces in exchange for a back-link to my site. I usually share or link to these articles in return. I do not accept guest posts at the time.

In exchange for letting me experience an activity/tour I can provide blog and social media coverage. Product reviews and giveaways relevant to my brand are also possible.

I am open to longer-term mutually beneficial affiliations through which I promote brands or services through my blog.

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