About AdventurousTrails

Hello! I am Kreete. Not many people know how to pronounce that. So to most I’ve been Kriiti, to some Sweety and even Creepy (Ha-ha)! I am 25 years old, from Estonia (“Where is that?” being the most asked question. PS! Do you know where that is?) and I believe the world is my home. I believe life should not be lived in one place. The world is big, it’s open and it’s calling! I have previously lived in Spain, Greece and London, only just now discovering the wonderful ways of Australia.

I have big dreams and even bigger plans. I like to think I am living life the way I want it, apart from when I have to go back to work to save money for my dreams. Ha! I am chasing my goals of travelling to as many countries as possible and even though I did study tourism, it did not excite me in ways that actual travelling does. The rush of adrenalin when discovering new places, meeting new faces and cultures, the food and traditions, is unbeatable. Creating memories and stories is the best way to live.

I love hiking and being in the outdoors as much as I’ve got a great passion for water and aquatic life. You can expect to be reading about diving, trekking, travelling, camping and climbing mountains with an occasional book review, a healthy recipe and of course leading a sustainable lifestyle on our planet. So keeping this in mind, this is a personal collection of stories and photos from the road, among it some random thoughts and opinions. Please take a look around, check out my archives or take a look through some of my tutorials from DIY, once they are uploaded. Thank you.