Campuhan Ridge Walk In Ubud, Bali

From all the things to do in Bali, Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud is an absolute must. Click to read more!

From all the things to do in Bali, Campuhan ridge walk perched near the central highland town of Ubud is an absolute must. The lush and scenic setting combined with free and easy walking makes it a popular hike among nature and photography lovers alike. The sweeping hilltop views, local village life and beautiful art galleries make it much more than just another trek.

TOP 10 Things To Do In Bali For First Timers

Be prepared for your first visit to the amazing places in Bali with this top 10 Bali guide.

Got your travel buddy, booked your tickets and read Bali on a budget for first timers? Time to find out what are the best touristy and less touristy places to visit during your first time in Bali. No matter if you are heading over for a few days or a few weeks, you will find plenty to do from this list I have put together based on my personal experience! Let’s get right into it!

Bali On A Budget For First Timers

Heading over to Bali for the first time? Here is everything you need to know for a stress free, budget friendly holiday!

You read/saw “Eat, Pray, Love” and that made you want to find your inner self? All your Aussie mates have been, but you haven’t? Heard it’s really cheap for parties, but wouldn’t also mind trying out some yoga? You saw some cool Instagram photos of rice terraces and infinity pools and are ready to pack your bags? Even if not, you are still in the right place to start planning your first trip to Bali!

Applying For A Partner Visa In Australia

Read more about how I applied for my de facto partner visa for Australia and what I included in my application.

If you are reading this, you are either my friend, someone who has a great deal of interest in my life or someone applying for a partner visa. In any case you are in for some personal details about me and my relationship and how we applied for an onshore de facto partner visa (subclass 820). My wish is to help someone going through the same process to be reassured and inspired. Keep in mind that I am not a visa agent and everything I say in this article is solely based on my own experience.

Travel Related Illnesses-Travel Bloggers Tell It All!

Ever gotten sick on the road? Want to know what to do? Read more about travel bloggers stories from the road.

Overseas travellers have a 50 per cent chance of suffering from travel related illnesses, yet this is something not many talk about. From malaria to gastrointestinal infections, from different rashes to insect bites, getting sick on the road is not pleasant. Along with my own experiences, I have asked some of my travel blogger friends to discuss their experiences when it comes to getting sick and how they have handled it.

Dental Tourism In Bali

Are you thinking about going to Bali for some dental work? Are you not sure what to expect? Keep reading to find out about my personal experience with major dental work in a developing country.

I would have never thought I will be a medical tourist when I was learning from that type of travelling while still studying tourism and hotel management in Uni. There is a lot of fear and general distrust when it comes to any medical procedures in the developing countries and for a good reason. This is why I have put together this article about my experience, to help you feel more comfortable about your decision to go to Asia for your dental work.