Hiking the National Pass, Blue Mountains

The National Pass track in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains has been one of the most beautiful hiking trails I have seen. With the highest outdoor staircase and breathtaking views it's not to be missed!

Some of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning might know how I went camping in the Blue Mountains a while back with our 4WD drive and rooftop tent set up. While camping in luxury compared to the people we saw walking in carrying their own tent and sleeping arrangements in their backpack, I thought who in their right mind would want to put themselves through several hours of hiking with a heavy backpack. Now here I am, preparing for my hike to Everest Base Camp, solo with no guides or porters. It’s amazing how much I have grown ever since I saw these hikers walking into that campsite in the Blue Mountains.

Searching For Seafood In Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market is proudly promoting reasonably harvested nutritious seafood. Make it a day with behind the scenes tour and cooking classes while enjoying delicious seafood.

The home of Australia’s seafood is conveniently located in the close quarters of the city centre. Their mission to create value for stakeholders through the supply and promotion of safe and nutritious seafood that is reasonably harvested. The unique seafood market is the lifeblood for fishers and aquaculturists in more than 300 communities across Australia and for small businesses which rely upon them for supply. The vibrant retail precinct is a vital asset to Sydney’s visitor economy and on a hot summer day, Paulina and I decided to go check out what the fuss was all about.

Diving in Shelly Beach, Manly

Ever wondered what's life like underwater? Come and find out about my two shore dives in Shelly Beach, Sydney with Dive Shop Manly!

It has been way too long since my last dive in Great Barrier Reef and I have been dying to get back in the water. Even more so when the guys from the local Pro Dive in Coogee drink where I work. Every weekend I am reminded that I want to go diving, but I can’t because when the guided shore dives to Gordons Bay are on, I am always working. And when I am not working, Michael is. So when Paulina asked me to go diving with her on a Monday in Manly, I was super keen.

How To Spend A Day In Mudgee

Let me eliminate the stress of organizing a trip to Mudgee wine region in Australia with this comprehensive guide.Come read where to stay, eat and play and where not to.

Located just 268 km north-west of Sydney, no matter how you choose to get yourself to Mudgee Region, it’s all part of the adventure. You will feel your senses tingle as the cityscape blurs out of view and the vast country landscape opens up in front of your eyes. Take a 3,5 hour roadtrip from Sydney through the Blue Mountains or fly up in short 45 minutes for the country charm and 40+ family owned cellar doors.

Mudgee has a rich pastoral history that is reflected in its heritage streetscapes which are wide and tree-lined just as you would imagine a refined country town to look like. With no traffic lights and average temperatures of 23C, Mudgee in the rolling hills with its rustic charm is worth taking a weekend away in.

Wine tasting in Mudgee Wine Region

Come along with me for a day in Mudgee wine region in the Australian state of NSW where I discover the hidden gems of Mudgee Cellar Doors and Wineries.

Mudgee is a well-known wine region in the Central Ranges wine zone in the Australian state of NSW. Its named for the town of Mudgee that is known for its warm summer days and cool evenings. With elevations from 430m to over 1100m above sea level, Mudgee offers a rich and varied range of grape varieties. From the well-loved classics of Chardonnay, Semillion, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz to those increasing in popularity such as Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Tempranillo, Barbera, Sangiovese and more. The elevation allows for a slower ripening period which makes the area ideal for producing wines with great intensity of colour and flavour. This is why Michael and I decided to spend our second anniversary in wine lovers paradise-beautiful Mudgee.